Anxiety and 3rd Chakra Problem Solving

When you  begin to become aware of your energy system (aura, chakras, your awareness itself) then you have much more control and awareness of what is going on emotionally with you. In this article, I want to address that upset feeling we all get occasionally in which a problem is viewed as "either/or", "good/bad", "on/off", etc. When you are caught in a dichotomy such as this, your awareness is sure to be stuck in the THIRD CHAKRA, or SOLAR PLEXUS chakra, located just below your sternum, above your navel (if you have ever had butterflies before a talk or a meeting, or your stomach got tight when talking to a threatening person, you certainly know where the 3rd chakra is). The big problem with a situation like this is that there is no solution to the dichotomy. If, for example, you are in a relationship and you are wondering whether he is the right person for you or not, there is no solving that worry. Similarly with anxiety issues, there is no resolution because all anxiety is prompted by polarizing oppositions. Here is another example: "What if this is a mistake to go forward?" Your choice is either to go or not to go, which is a dichotomy or polarity. No decision you make will give you peace in this polarized situation! If you do make a decision, you will worry later if you made the right choice!

The 3rd chakra is our power chakra that helps us manage life on earth. It is very helpful and we need it! However, it is not our only chakra and has limited usefulness. When we try to do everything with this chakra, we get caught in anxiety and fear. Most personality problems are centered in this chakra because it has to do with defending oneself and polarizing judgments (good/bad, white/black, etc.). When you are stuck here, you are stuck in your sympathetic nervous system and fight or flight response and cannot see beyond your polarized thinking. This  chakra is involved with your voluntary muscular control, or those activities with analytical thought and effort.

We have chakras that focus on issues of higher consciousness that are not stuck in polarities. One that is very useful in solving 3rd chakra anxieties is the 6th chakra, located just over the bridge of your nose between your eyebrows, often called the Brow Chakra or the 3rd Eye. It is actually located in the center of your head and opens to the front and back of your head. You may or may not have felt this before. Have you ever furrowed your brow in trying to solve a problem? You were using this chakra to figure out your problem, along with some 3rd chakra effort. You might also feel a pulsing or pressure here when you are using it. I am most aware of it when someone tries to block it....sometimes I feel a big hand push at my face when someone does not want me to see something. This chakra functions best when you are operating primarily with your parasympathetic nervous system, or involuntary part of your activities, those that are involved with allowing things rather than forcing things.

The great thing about the 6th chakra is that it sees TRUTH and nothing else. It is not concerned with your emotional well being or hampered by your judgments. It is also just great at solving 3rd chakra standoffs. It is so simple and you don't really need to be experienced or knowledgable to take advantage of this great service!

Here is a good intervention I have used in my own self awareness and with clients. This gets you into the parasympathetic side:
* Bring yourself into the moment by being aware of the room you are in, the noises around you, the temperature of the air, the feeling of your body sitting in the chair or couch or standing, etc.
*Turn your attention inward to yourself, even if you don't know what that is supposed to feel like
*Ask for your chakras to be aligned vertically and horizontally (they will obey even if you have never felt or seen a chakra)
*Ask for the "problem" in your 3rd or Solar Plexus chakra to move up to the 6th chakra. It will do so just with your command, whether you are aware of anything or not. It takes no effort.

You will most likely feel the problem evaporate even without seeing a resolution. You may, however, find that you understand the problem in a completely different way.

You are now in control of your energy system and not the victim of life and its circumstances!  CONGRATULATIONS!

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